The mask package comes with paperwork that provides important information related to the mask. Why is this included?

BioSurfaces, Inc. is not a mask manufacturer and is not making any claims related to the mask device. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is allowing masks to be produced to help the public be better protected. However, specific warnings such as the ones included in the information document are required to be provided. The intent of this document is to let the user know what the mask components are in case the user has known specific allergies to an individual component. These masks, although we are conducting as much testing as possible, are not meant to serve as a replacement to personal protective equipment like an N95 respirator.

Why include silver within the mask filtration?

Silver has been shown in peer-reviewed scientific studies (studies not conducted by BioSurfaces) to have antimicrobial and antiviral properties. BioSurfaces, Inc. has conducted studies with this material related to antimicrobial activity and has seen a significant reduction in bacterial contamination. Even with this data, no claims are being made by BioSurfaces related to the antimicrobial and antiviral properties of the mask.

There are two ear loops on the mask. What are those for?

We place two ear loops on the mask to provide a choice for fit. You do not need to wear both at the same time but are welcome to do so. The optional loop that is not worn can also serve as a back-up in case one loop accidently breaks.

What happens if an ear loop breaks? Should I throw the mask away?

No. You can repair the loop by applying an adhesive like Crazy glue to reconnect the ear loop to the mask. You could also use a strong tape such as Gorilla tape to reattach the loop. You could also combine both of these repair processes.

If I have a mask containing a face shield, can I remove the face shield?

Yes. The face shield can be simply removed by straightening the extended part of white nose piece connector and removing the shield. You can then fold the extended white nose connector piece onto the mask to align with the covered part of the nose piece for convenience. You can reinstall and adjust the mask by reversing the process.

Can I wash the mask?

You should never wash the face mask by soaking in water or placing into the washing wash machine.

Can I wipe the face mask or shield?

If desired, you could take a wipe to the outside of the face mask or the face shield to lightly clean the surface. The inner filter contains silver, which has been shown in studies conducted by our group and other researchers to significantly reduce bacterial contamination (no antiviral studies have been conducted) which may reduce odors caused by biofouling (bacteria attachment to surfaces).

How should I store the mask?

You should store the mask in a separate holding device (e.g. plastic bag, paper bag, plastic container) away from direct sunlight. After use, it is advisable to let the mask sit in open air to let the moisture from the user’s breath to dry prior to storage.

Can I use the mask multiple times?

Yes, the mask if treated carefully should be useable for an extended period of time.

What happens if the mask tears?

The mask should be immediately discarded as any protection provided could be lost due to the tear.

How do I dispose of the mask?

If the mask has significant wear, just place the mask into a waste container and dispose of it as standard household trash. No special handling/disposal requirements are necessary.

Can I get another mask?

BioSurfaces, Inc. is producing these complementary masks as a courtesy to the public. We would be glad to provide another mask on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us at info@biosurfaces.us . Once the FDA declares that there is no longer an emergency, mask production will cease.

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